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I LOVE to create wedding flowers! Bridal bouquets, coordinating bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, table decor, installations – it’s a total rush for me to make these for you, especially if you value local, seasonal flowers!

I consider my style somewhat rustic, in that I like to mix what I grow and what I forage to create unique designs. I use locally grown, seasonal flowers, greenery and herbs, sourced directly from my farm or from other western Massachusetts farmers, but I’m also happy to source in non-local flowers to mix with our home-grown ones if that’s what your heart (and the season!) desires!  

First step: check out past weddings, browse my instagram, and see if you like my style. Get inspired! Read my post about how I do wedding consultations for full service weddings.

Next step: email me, and we’ll set up a time to talk!

Two brides and their flowers
Melanie and Katie were married on a lovely fall afternoon atop a hill in western Massachusetts, surrounded by lots of
bride and groom
I've flowered a couple of weddings at Fruitlands so far, and each seems to be at the peak of summer.
bride kissing bride holding orange fall wedding flowers
Dallas and Jessee were all about the terracotta colors at their warm fall wedding at The Boylston Rooms in Easthampton.
bride carrying her flowers
Julia and Adam were not afraid of lots of colorful blooms for their early fall Berkshires wedding, and that was
Bride and Groom
When I was setting up the arch installation for Caitlyn and Justin's wedding, someone - probably photographer Trish Kemp -
Bride holding flowers.
Frannie and Colby's early spring wedding at the beautiful Gedney Farm in the Berkshires was a family-centered, DIY affair. For
Bride and groom
Amira and Nathan's wedding at URJ Eiener Camp at Great Barrington was long-awaited! My 2nd to last reschedule of the
Bride and groom with bright pink and coral wedding flowers.
If you think pastels are the only choice for a spring wedding, Liz and Corey (and I) have a bone
bride holding flowers
Annie and Kevin's wedding flowers were in a very classic color scheme: burgandy and blush with pops of pink for
bride and groom
I am not exaggerating when I say that 99% of the pictures of Colleen and Matt at their lovely fall

Like what you see? Email me and let’s talk!

And in case you’re wondering what is in season, when, I think your best bet to see what I grow and when, look through my Facebook page and my Instagram page, and here’s a general guideline:

  • January – April: I will need to source out. I can often get locally grown greenhouse flowers April-May, and I try to source direct from other flower farmers whenever possible. Most flowers are available if we go far enough afield, so let’s talk!
  • May: lilacs and bulb flowers (tulips, fancy daffodils, leucojeum) and flowering branches as well as, depending on the weather, peonies and anenomes.
  • late May – June: peonies! also the tulips, leucojeum, orlaya, delphinium, larkspur, sweet william, salvia, lupine, anenome, snapdragons, clematis, eryngium, veronica, iris, various perennials.
  • July: snapdragons, early dahlias, daisies, rudbeckia, early sunflowers, phlox, various amazing perennials including eryngium, veronica, and astilbe.
  • August: DAHLIAS. And fancy zinnias, scabiosa, celosia, lisianthus, amaranthus, rudbeckia, sunflowers, as well as many different perennial flowers like veronica, butterfly bush and various grasses.
  • September: more DAHLIAS, hydrangea, zinnias, celosia, lisianthus, amaranthus, heirloom chrysanthemums, and lots of perennials.
  • October: is tricky! This is our month of frost, so depending on when it happens I could have dahlias or it will be whatever I can source out plus heirloom chrysanthemums, which are gorgeous and not the same kind of mums that you buy at the big box stores.
  • November: possibly heirloom chrysanthemums, but mostly outsourced flowers.
  • December: all things evergreen mixed with outsourced elements.

If you book your wedding or event early enough, I can also make sure what I’m growing fits what you’re looking for!