bride and groom

Sunshine-y fall flowers at a light-filled Valley View Wedding

I am not exaggerating when I say that 99% of the pictures of Colleen and Matt at their lovely fall wedding are of her laughing or smiling, and him looking at her like he’s just won the lottery. Look – I appreciate all the images that I’m sent of the weddings I flower. I think: “how sweet,” “how adorable,” “how beautiful.” But for this one I honestly teared up. I mean – to be as happy as Colleen looks and to be as adoring as Matt – this is the dream, right?

All photos of this gorgeous wedding are by Kelly F. Peterson Photography.

The location, of course, is Valley View Farm in Haydenville, MA.

Flowers are by me, and feature a color scheme I sometimes call fall pastels, or sunny fall neutrals. Or just, fall but not orange-orange.

bride holding flowers
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

Here’s one of the only pictures where Colleen isn’t laughing! Probably because Matt’s not in it! Here’s what was requested for the wedding flowers, starting with her bouquet:  rustic, simple, and neutral, seasonal colors, including dried flowers, but not too bright. Nailed it! Colleen’s bouquet included dahlias, sunflowers, roses, goldenrod, eucalyptus, eryngium, and dried thlaspi, or pennycress.

wedding flowers
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

Prospective couples often ask me the difference between the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ or groomsmaids’ bouquets and I think this picture shows the contrast well. First – know that you can do whatever you want for your attendants. Same colors, different colors, no colors – whatever. I always defer to your vision. That said, this is what MOST of my clients decide: attendant bouquets that are similar to the bride’s, but smaller and simpler. So while the bridal bouquet may have 20-25 main flowers, attendant bouquets may have half that. I also try to make the attendant bouquets somewhat similar, but I happen to think a benefit of working with a grower is that I can work with lots of variety, so no two are ever really the same.

wedding ceremony
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

See what I mean? More laughing, more adoring looks!

wedding flowers
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

The arch installation was fun to make because it was a whole lot of texture, including dried thlaspi (pennycress), a fantastic early foliage that I grow here at Passalongs. It actually grows itself – seldom coming up where I put it and pretty much coming up anywhere I haven’t. I’ve learned to go with it.

barn table centerpieces
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

This is a great view of the beautiful barn tables at Valley View, decorated with a centerpiece I call, for lack of a better description: the “eclectic vase” centerpiece. It’s a really pretty, effective, somewhat casual but easily dressed up and afforable centerpiece option for the amazing wooden barn tables at Valley View Farm. I’ve mentioned this in previous blog posts, but as a grower I especially like this centerpiece because I can use all the funky bits and bobs I have growing, no matter stem length or size of bloom. Each one is different, but the whole is very harmonious.

flowers in vases
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

I spy a Breakout dahlia, orange spray heirloom chrysanthemums, goldenrod, dried millet, fern, an Apple Blossom dahlia, and the list goes on.

table with flowers
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

After the ceremony, the staff at Valley View took down the arch installation and put it at the foot of the sweetheart table. I think it looks amazing! I create arch installations on site and I don’t make them so they’ll look any special way if moved, but I find that event folks are experts at doing this sort of thing.

bride and groom
Photo by Kelly F. Peterson Photography

Congratulations to the happy couple! The wedding was gorgeous, but now for the best part: your marriage!

bride surrounded by flowers

A picture perfect wedding at Easthampton’s The Boylston Rooms

The photos from Jenna and Chuck’s wedding are so beautiful, aren’t they? Obviously due to their talented photographer, Kim Boualavong, but also because of the light-filled setting at The Boylston Rooms and all the pretty details they chose – including mis-matched but complementary bridesmaid dresses, which are my new favorite thing!

bride holding flowers
Photo by Kim Boualavong Photography

Jenna’s bouquet was soft whites and neutrals, including me-grown dahlias and lisianthus, as well as roses, nigella, eucalyptus, anemone, and some local seasonal grasses for softness and texture.

Photo by Kim Boualavong Photography

Chuck’s boutonniere complemented Jenna’s bouquet, and featured samples of almost everything she held, including the cute grass heads.

bride and groom
Photo by Kim Boualavong Photography

They got married in front of the beautiful big windows in Boylston Room East, and I created a flower and foliage installation for the arch to go with Jenna’s bouquet, as well as two hanging foliage chandeliers. They later moved all of these to the reception space.

bride and bridesmaids
Photo by Kim Boualavong Photography

Now for these dresses! I LOVE this so much! You can see that in addition to the colors in the dresses, Jenna chose to have her bridesmaids hold color as well! I used dahlias, zinnias, hydrangea, lisianthus, eucalyptus, and more grasses for their bouquets. They were really sweet.

bridal bouquet
Photo by Kim Boualavong Photography

A close-up of Jenna’s bouquet. Beauty all around!

bride and groom
Photo by Kim Boualavong Photography

Congratulations to the happy couple! The wedding was gorgeous, but now for the best part: your marriage!

Pink is a fall color! Bright and seasonal flowers for a coastal Maine wedding!

Yanet and Jon’s wedding had to move from my neck of the woods (western Massachusetts) to Maine because of the pandemic, so last fall I loaded up the old minivan with my husband, loads of hot pink dahlias, a couple of flowers crowns – and off we went to the coast!

Photos by Novella Photography
Venue & catering: Hidden Pond Resort
Planner: Azalea Events
 DJ: Visual Sound Productions
Videographer: Eastty Weddings
Florist: (me!) Passalongs Farm 

arch for wedding
The couple wanted all the pink for their coastal fall wedding, and I was happy to oblige. This birch arch arch features eucalyptus galore, pink, red, and white roses, and pink and white dahlias.
little girl with flower crown
Yanet and her daughters each had flower crowns – so darling! I love making flower crowns – from little bitty ones like this one to Yanet and her oldest daughter’s “boho” crowns.
bride with parents
Yanet’s bouquet was made up of all the red and pink I could find – dahlias, roses, and lisianthus, to name a few, but also featured pops of blue, which had a special significance for her.
Yanet and her eldest daughter had matching boho crowns – dahlias and roses all the way!
banquet hall
Hidden Pond Resort’s banquet hall featured this amazing wire boat that I festooned with foliage. Table decor was groups of eclectic vases filled with more pink flowers.


"just married" on back of car
They rented a really cool antique car to tool around in after the ceremony. It was fun to decorate it with garland! Just married!


white bridal bouquet

Sam and Joe’s intimate fall wedding at Valley View Farm

Sam and Joe were married the end of September at Valley View Farm in Haydenville, MA. A perfect time of year in New England, a perfect time for flowers, and a perfect time for guests and family and loved ones to travel far and wide to our fair Pioneer Valley.

Unless it’s 2020. And we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

So plans had to change.

Some things stayed the same: September is still the perfect time of year to be married in western Massachusetts. Flowers are still at their peak. But hundreds of friends and family traveling from far and wide? Not so much.

Instead, a few friends and family. Instead, a more intimate – but still very special – celebration.

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Cloudy with a chance of…happily every after!

Kylie and Anthony were married on the only rainy day of my 2019 wedding flower season – but guess what? It didn’t matter a bit! The slight rain and cool overcast skies only complimented the moody floral hues they chose for their wedding – and they and their wedding party – not to mention the staff at Quonquont! – were such troopers that their day was perfect. Cloudy with a chance of…happily ever after!

All photos of Kylie and Anthony’s wedding are by Love and Perry Photography.
Location: Quonquont Farm, Whately.

Kylie and Anthony’s florals featured the jewels of fall: dahlias! For the dahlia nerds out there: I spy Cafe au Lait, Diva, and Arabian Nights! Photo by Love and Perry.
Kylie and Anthony’s burgundy and blush color scheme is a classic – for good reason! Perfect for fall, and spring! Look at these gorgeous women! Photo by Love and Perry.
The day was a little rainy, so we had to quick change the arch installation into a pavilion installation, but luckily the beams at Quonquont are a perfect backdrop for what we had planned! Photo by Love and Perry.
So many sweet and personalized touches at this wedding! Photo by Love and Perry.


Photo by Love and Perry.
Photo by Love and Perry.
And now for the best part of the wedding: being married! Photo by Love and Perry.