Jewel-toned Florals for a Sultry Summer Evening at Montague Retreat Center

Jewel-toned Florals for a Sultry Summer Evening at Montague Retreat Center
wedding party
Julia and her parents, approaching the ceremony space at the Montague Retreat Center.

When I arrived at Montague Retreat Center to drop off the flowers for Julia and Doug’s August wedding I was worried about rain. The forecast called for the kind of brief, but intense thunderstorms that happen a lot in New England in the hottest and most humid part of summer, and while I can set up an arch installation inside as well as out – there was no arch inside the venue.

A couple of texts and phone calls later and the call was made: we’re doing it outside.

Photos of Julia and Doug’s wedding: Kissick Weddings.
Location: Montague Retreat Center, Montague, Massachusetts.
Planner: Events by Pamela Joy.

And they did!

The rain skipped right over the ceremony spot on the hill above the Montague Retreat Center! The arch installation featured a variety of flowers in “stone fruit” colors, as well as blueberries and wheat, which I used in all the florals.
bridal bouquet
Julia is a baker by vocation, and she requested that her florals be reminiscent of stone fruits – peaches, plums, and apricots. I was very happy to oblige! I also included blueberry branches (sourced from a local blueberry patch) and dried wheat (sourced from Mayval Farm)
Bride and bridesmaid
Each of Julia’s attendants wore a different color and style dress – all coordinating with the variety and texture of the florals. Bridesmaid bouquets were similar to Julia’s, but smaller.


bride and groom
Congratulations to the happy couple! The wedding was gorgeous, but now for the best part: your marriage!