Who knew? 2018 in review!

Who knew? 2018 in review!
photo by Time Bandit Photography

Last night I was at a New Year’s Eve party with friends I hadn’t seen in person for a couple of years. We moved to Massachusetts in 2015, and so while most my North Carolina friends and I stay in touch via social media, many of them I usually only see once a year, if that.

Here’s the cool thing, y’all: every single one of them told me how beautiful my flowers were, how much pleasure they got out of seeing the bouquets, and many of them also said: WHO KNEW? Who knew you could do that? Who knew you had that business in you?

I didn’t. I hadn’t. But guess what? I did and I do!

Here’s the deal: we moved from North Carolina to Massachusetts to seek better supports and services for my youngest son, who has a neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental disorder. Before we moved my primary professions had been (in this order): caregiver to my kid(s), special needs trainer and advocate, farmers’ market manager, helpmeet/marketer for our family businesses. I’ve also owned an online business for a while, but it’s kind of quiet and boring, so while it helped pay the bills it wasn’t anything anyone remembered. When I worked full time out of the house it was in our local public schools, but for most of the 5-6 years before we moved I was unable to really work outside of the house because of my son’s needs. I imagine most of my friends saw me mostly doing the mom-thing.

I’d always gardened. A lot. And propagated plants, and grown flowers and vegetables. Some of the flowers I’d put into arrangements, but only for myself or for friends. Nothing beyond that. Nothing professional.

So now – after this great, great year – people are seeing what I’ve been doing and they are surprised! Surprised and happy for me. I’m surprised and happy for me, too! It’s been 3 years since we moved, 3 years since I started my farm, and 3 years I’ve been practicing design, and it’s come to fruition!


Highlights of 2018:

My flower CSA, starting with the Mother’s Day special, was GREAT this year! 2019’s CSA is open for business – yay!


The roadside cart had a great year. I’m going to expand offerings next year and do a little landscaping and planting. Gotta spruce up the face of my business!


Did a surprising amount of custom/delivered flowers! Always love creating these thoughtful gifts.
It’s been fun to experiment with dried flowers. Next year I’m going to do a lot more of this and see where it takes me. Might make the winters busy!
Learning to make resin jewelry has been a pleasure. I love how these turned out. You’ll definitely see a lot more of this type of thing in 2019.
I did my first workshop this year – a wreath workshop at a private home. It was SO FUN. I’m planning lots more of this type of thing in 2019.
2019 will be the year I have an actual workshop! We’re converting part of our garage into a conditioned space. I won’t be saying a complete goodbye to my shed but this should make my life as a designer a lot more efficient – and pleasant, as harvesting all morning in 90 degree heat makes for a dazed afternoon designing in the same temperature! right now the studio’s about 60% done. I’m projecting completion by March.
Erin and Donny’s wedding. First one of 2018! Photo by Lauren Dobish Photography

And finally, the weddings. I still don’t have all the pictures back from the weddings I did in 2018, but I’ll post as I get them. To see the weddings for which I do have pictures, click here. I learned SO MUCH about weddings this year: pricing, working with clients, work flow, sourcing, and timing. I am grateful for all the couples who trusted me to flower their weddings, and I’m super excited about the year ahead.


So many amazing, gorgeous florals in 2018. So many more to come!