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Wedding flowers for two “planty people” at Quonquont Farm

Michele and Graham are what I like to call “planty people.” Both work in horticulture. Both love plants. And so when they asked me to do their personal flowers for their September wedding at Quonquont Farm in Whateley, but said they planned on creating their centerpieces themselves using buckets of DIY flowers, I was happy to oblige. And when they asked if they could create these centerpieces themselves in my shed…well, I wouldn’t have let just anyone do it! But I was happy to let these two do it! (And actually, I might let more people do it in the future because we they had such a great time! Continue reading “Wedding flowers for two “planty people” at Quonquont Farm”

The Very Tiny Wedding Package – because…the coronavirus!

We are living in strange times, y’all. Strange times! What we thought would be happening this month and the next few months has taken an abrupt turn for many of us. I’ve been advised as a business owner that I need to PIVOT. I guess we all do!

People who are PIVOTing a lot are my lovely wedding clients. I feel really terrible that all their thoughtful planning and dreaming and thinking has had to change from what they’d been expecting. Some folks are rescheduling and some folks are cancelling and some folks are changing what had been planned as large public events into tiny, intimate ceremonies.

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