Dahlia tubers: Mixed Mystery Bunch! 6 dahlia tubers, all varieties good for cutting

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Sometimes, despite one's best efforts, one mislabels or otherwise confused dahlia tubers when putting them away for the winter. My confusion is your gain! This listing is for 6 dahlia tubers of various varieties - all great for cutting. No doubt some of of the type in the other listings on my site, but the possibilities are pretty endless!

The tubers in the "mystery" bundles were grown here at the farm and were throughly inspected for signs of disease when dug and divided. They have been stored carefully to prevent rot, shrinkage, or mold, and will come to you healthy and with at least one visible eye.


Free shipping for orders of 5 tubers or more; 1-4 tubers will be charged $9. Shipping is to US addresses only, please. We will ship the last week of March and continue shipping until sale is over.

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