Inspiration: a mustard wedding dress! Summer wedding flowers at Quonquont Farm

Inspiration: a mustard wedding dress! Summer wedding flowers at Quonquont Farm

“I want it to be a surprise. My dress is going to be mustard.”

Glorious words to a florist! I love a white or cream or ivory wedding gown, of course – they’re classic, gorgeous, traditional – but mustard! Mustard is different. It’s a hue a color-loving flower farmer can get inspired by!

Location: Quonquont Farm, Whately, Massachusetts, Late July.
Photography: Kim Lindler, Time Bandit Photography.

Jesse and Dave had me do the personal flowers for their wedding, including bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, a hairpiece and a floral necklace, as well as a garland for their chuppah, and friends and family created most of the reception centerpieces using buckets of flowers from my farm. The collaboration was fun and the results spectacular!

A richly colored dress needs a richly colored bouquet! Yellow and orange dahlias with pops of burgandy amaranth and little bits of feverfew. Be still my heart!
First look: they are the cutest! Jesse is wearing a headpiece I created for her, and Dave has a boutonniere made of billy buttons, which is a favorite flower of Jesse’s.
wedding flower crown
This picture is like a painting! The dress, the floral crown, and the framing by Time Bandit Photography – amazing!
flower necklace
Jesse and Dave had me make a flower necklace for their officiant. It’s a nice alternative to a traditional corsage.
All together now! Jesse + Dave under the chuppah, getting hitched!
White dahlias wrist corsage. I try to make them modern.
wedding reception
The reception! Jesse and Dave bought buckets of flowers from me and their friends and family arranged them. I think they did a brilliant job. Doesn’t hurt that Quonquont is such a magical location!
wedding photos
Congratulations to the happy couple! The wedding was gorgeous, but now for the best part: your marriage!