Black and white and classic all over: a spring wedding at Springfield Country Club

Amanda and Matt’s wedding was pushed from 2020 to 2021, as so many of the pandemic weddings were, and actually moved locations as well! So many changes and adaptations and they pulled it off – a gorgeous ceremony and reception at the perfect time of year at Springfield Country Club.

All photos by Monika Norman Photography.

Location: Springfield Country Club, West Springfield, Massachusetts.

bride in front of ceremony arch
photo by Monika Normand Photography

The outdoor ceremony space at Springfield Country Club is really beautiful – tucked in a treelined nook up against a pretty pond – but it was also a couple holes away from the reception area and parking lot! Luckily the nice event folks at the Club loaned us a golf cart so we could get the flowers out to the arch to create this installation.

bride with bouquet
photo by Monika Normand Photography

I love how the pink rhododendrons are framing Amanda in this picture! Her bouquet was a mix of me-grown June blooms (spirea, foliages, ranunculus, and some wild honeysuckle) and white roses. The bridal veil spirea – which is good as a cut flower for about 1 week a year – was perfectly timed for this wedding!




wedding reception tables
photo by Monika Normand Photography

The reception space at Springfield Country Club is really light and airy and the black lanterns and foliage wreaths looked fantastic. We made these lantern surrounds like we would make holiday wreaths – by creating bundles of foliage and flowers and wiring them on round frames. This wedding was 100% foam free.

bride and bridesmaids
photo by Monika Normand Photography

Amanda’s bridesmaid bouquets were similar to hers, but a little simpler and a little smaller, and the spirea showed up in their bouquets as well.

photo by Monika Normand Photography

Matt and his groomsmen’s boutonnieres complemented Amanda’s bouquet.

bride and groom
photo by Monika Normand Photography

Congratulations to the happy couple! The wedding was gorgeous, but now for the best part: your marriage!

bride and groom

Wedding flowers for two “planty people” at Quonquont Farm

Michele and Graham are what I like to call “planty people.” Both work in horticulture. Both love plants. And so when they asked me to do their personal flowers for their September wedding at Quonquont Farm in Whateley, but said they planned on creating their centerpieces themselves using buckets of DIY flowers, I was happy to oblige. And when they asked if they could create these centerpieces themselves in my shed…well, I wouldn’t have let just anyone do it! But I was happy to let these two do it! (And actually, I might let more people do it in the future because we they had such a great time! Continue reading “Wedding flowers for two “planty people” at Quonquont Farm”

white bridal bouquet

Sam and Joe’s intimate fall wedding at Valley View Farm

Sam and Joe were married the end of September at Valley View Farm in Haydenville, MA. A perfect time of year in New England, a perfect time for flowers, and a perfect time for guests and family and loved ones to travel far and wide to our fair Pioneer Valley.

Unless it’s 2020. And we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

So plans had to change.

Some things stayed the same: September is still the perfect time of year to be married in western Massachusetts. Flowers are still at their peak. But hundreds of friends and family traveling from far and wide? Not so much.

Instead, a few friends and family. Instead, a more intimate – but still very special – celebration.

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white bridal bouquet

Classy, fun wedding at the Boylston Rooms!

The Boylston Rooms in Easthampton is the epitome of industrial chic, and Erin and Donny’s wedding reception’s classy, classic but fun vibe fit perfectly in the space. Erin’s colors were white, gold, and pink, and her instructions to me in regards to the florals were to make them lush and a little bit messy. I was very happy to oblige! I can try for controlled, but messy is really my thing!

Location: The Boylston Rooms, Easthampton, Massachusetts. Late May.
Photography: Lauren Dobish Photography.

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