Set of 4 Mason Jar flowers

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We've always offered mason jar flowers for sale via our self-serve flower stand, and now we have them available for delivery as well in sets of 4 - perfect if you want some dropped off for gifting, double perfect if you want flowers for a small event or party!

Our mason jar flowers are the freshest of fresh, and feature whatever looks the BEST that's growing that day.

And yes, we still have flowers in the self-serve stand. This offer is for folks who'd like a) a sure thing, because sometimes the stand sells out, and b) want delivery, because who doesn't like convenience?

Delivery areas: Northampton, Florence, Leeds, Easthampton, Westhampton, Haydenville, Williamsburg, Hatfield, as well as Goshen, Huntington, Worthington, Chesterfield, Amherst, Whately, and Hadley. Contact us for further delivery options! Farm pick-up also available.

If you need more than 8 jars total PLEASE contact us ahead of time before ordering. We always have enough flowers but if we have other events it helps us plan!

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