Weddings & Events

I LOVE to create wedding flowers! Bridal bouquets, coordinating bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, table decor, installations – it’s a total rush for me to make these for you, especially if you value local, seasonal flowers!

I consider my style somewhat rustic, in that I like to mix what I grow and what I forage to create unique designs. I use locally grown, seasonal flowers, greenery and herbs, sourced directly from my farm or from other western Massachusetts farmers, but I’m also happy to source in non-local flowers to mix with our home-grown ones if that’s what your heart (and the season!) desires!  


As a D.I.Y/budget bride before that’s what it was called, I understand the need for value and wallet friendly flower options. While of course I value my time, my flowers, and my product, I also know one thing for sure: if you use what’s in season, you’ll get the best prices around. If what I’m growing matches what you want, and you don’t have your heart set on that specific flower that only grows half the world away at the time of your wedding, then you’ll be a match to the lower end of my prices. If it’s winter, or it’s off season for what you want, well…then you’re looking at the upper end of my prices. In any case, if you like an eclectic, creative style that reflects the season, then I’m confident we’ll be able to create beautiful and unforgettable flowers for your special day.

Please click here for a price list and guidelines, and let’s talk!

And in case you’re wondering what is in season, when, I think your best bet to see what I grow and when, look through my Facebook page and my Instagram page.

If you book your wedding or event early enough, I can also make sure what I’m growing fits what you’re looking for!