Traditional bridal bouquets with a twist: lush, natural creams and gorgeous foliage

Lush, traditional style with a twist

This bridal party’s bouquets exemplify my style. They are lush, full of flowers and foliage to create a collage of color and beauty! Since this wedding was in September I included some of my favorite dahlias, naturally. Dahlias are the star of the late summer/early fall wedding bridal bouquets!

Bridal bouquet ingredients

Beaucon White dahlias are medium-sized and the perfect shade of light cream. They are a staple wedding dahlia for me.  You can also see one or two Valley Porcupine dahlias in each bouquet, which is one of my top favorite dahlias for both bridal bouquets and mixed bouquets. Their size is perfect for boutonnieres. Their pink tips and cream interior add a perfect subdued pop of color in an otherwise monochrome color scheme. Seasonal sepia-toned hydrangeas, cream tea roses, and blue toned spiky eryngium and limonium add texture. For foliage, I used three kinds of eucalyptus to create textural variety.

bridal bouquets by Passalongs Flower Farm & Florist

They’re traditional but modern. No wildflowers included, but arranged in a rustic, farmhouse “wildflower” style.

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Putting the farm to bed for the winter…

October is kind of a bittersweet month, no pun on bittersweet, that gorgeous, noxious, invasive vine intended!

October means frost, which means the end of most of my flowers, including the dahlias, ageratum, and zinnias that populated so many of my fall-themed bouquets and arrangements.

October means the end of my summer farmer’s market.

October means I only have a few more weeks to make sure everything I want to overwinter has its best chance of making it. This means lots of digging, planting the stragglers, mulching, snipping, and covering.

October means apples and pears the various jams and butters I make.

October means wildcrafting wreath making supplies and dried bits and pieces for winter bouquets.

October means planning for the late fall and winter craft fairs and markets.

And this October means getting my 4-season store open for business! Which is a beast of a different sort!

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Dark and lovely bouquet for a boho bride!


To create this bouquet I used all the darkest flowers I could find! Five kinds of dahlias in burgandies, reds, and purples, 2 kinds of foliage, and lots of it, to create a lush look, and lots of limonium, which adds texture and a hint of purple/blue/grey. I also added as many of the darkest spray roses I could find. I don’t really grow roses (at least not in the quantity I’d need to guarantee them for a wedding), but I really love them in a bouquet for their dusky matte tones and in this case, a dark pop of color.

Photo courtesy of Heather Connors Photography.
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Late summer/fall Flower share!

I am so excited to offer a second flower share CSA this season! The first share, which started in July, was a great success, and based on the flower situation I will have about triple the flowers the end of the season that I’ve had the first half!

Think DAHLIAS, people.

The flower share works like this:

You choose either farm/market pick-up OR delivery, and each week I’ll have a gorgeous, very generous bunch of flowers for you! These are about twice as large as my farmers’ market /roadside flower bunches, but less than twice the price even if you include delivery! You and I will decide on a mutually agreeable pick-up or delivery day, and you don’t have to be home for me to drop them off.

The flower share lasts 6 weeks, and will run from August 27 – October 1.

Pick-up at farm or market is $80

Delivery (anywhere in greater Northampton and Easthampton, including Florence, Leeds, Williamsburg, and even parts of Westhampton): $110

I can take cash or a check but I prefer Paypal.  To ORDER: please visit my FLOWER SHARE PAGE.

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