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Summer Sunset Wedding Flowers in the Hilltowns

(All photos on this page courtesy of Lauren P. Wadsworth Photography)

Photo courtesy of Lauren P. Wadsworth Photography

Generally, a bridal flower consultation begins with inspiration pictures. This bride’s inspiration photos featured bouquets full of orange, peach, and cream colors, with lots and lots of dahlias. The night sky and the solar system were the theme, which made sense considering the day after their wedding was the August, 2017 solar eclipse! Bouquets that were reminiscent of the sunset were the order of the day, and she wanted purple accents as a nod to the night sky.

I was really excited to work on this wedding for a couple of reasons. One, the hues she wanted in her florals included color. Us flower farmer/florist types love the cream and white flowers that brides often choose, but we really love color! So the fact she was asking for it was exciting. Second, she wanted to use dahlias as the showcase flower. This year I planted 130 dahlia plants in about 60 different varieties – more than enough to do this wedding – and coincidentally many of the dahlias I planted were in her color scheme! My Labyrinth dahlias in particular were flourishing and blooming up a storm, and I ended up using them in every single bouquet. Labyrinth are large, semi dinner plate, shaggy, peach-colored dahlias and they draw attention whenever and wherever I use them.

My wedding bouquet was the perfect mix of gorgeous dahlias and colorful summer wildflowers. It was classy, feminine and I was absolutely delighted. ~Annette A.

August is the beginning of peak dahlia season, and in addition to Labyrinths, I used Cafe au Lait, Ms. Kennedy, Katie Baron, and Moonstruck, and I added in some cream and white roses and a few pink and orange spray roses and tiny carnations for the bridesmaids’ bouquets, which were brighter than the bride’s mostly cream and peach bouquet. For the purple accents I added eryngium, purple stock, and ageratum, and the greenery was Dusty Miller and eucalyptus, both of which have blue tones.

I think she made excellent color choices, especially with the contrast between the oranges and pinks of her bridesmaids’ bouquets and with their dresses, which were deep purple and a navy blue. The end result were classic bouquets, but with an interesting color scheme that really reflected the theme they had requested. I’d add, too, that in asking for a flower that was in-season and plentiful was a smart decision when it came to their flower budget! She knew what she wanted, but what she wanted was something I grew, and by being flexible about the other flowers in the bouquets she was able to keep the price point she was looking for.

Photo courtesy of Lauren P. Wadsworth Photography
Photo courtesy of Lauren P. Wadsworth Photography


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